**Holiday Special**

What better way to wish someone a Merry Christmas or a Happy Hanukkah than with a personalized Cookie Jar? 

As well as baking cookies I also do my own glass engraving and have found the perfect cookie jar with both sides nice and flat to add your personalized message. The writing is permanently engraved into the glass and cannot be wiped off and will not fade with time. The jar can sit on its side (as per photo) or straight upright. The lid is inox and screws shut.

What you decide to add is up to you although from experience I think it looks nice to have "Cookie Jar" on one side and the family's name on the opposite side but the options are endless! This is a limited offer, I only have 5 cookie jars!

This packaged offer includes: 1 personalized cookie jar, 1 dozen cookies of your choice and the shipping within France for 45€

Please allow approximately 1 week from the time of confirmation as the jars and cookies are made to order. Additional cookies can be purchased and included in the shipment for no additional shipping charges.